Trip to Poland (Haiku and pictures; lecture on haiku)






around the summer fields of



This is a haiku composed at Auschwitz by Satoshi Kinoshita for the haiku lecture. The lecture was given taking the opportunity of a music festival held at a spa town in Lublin, Poland.



The title of the lecture is "Let's enjoy haiku", with the subtitle "World peace through haiku".

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The first slide of the lecture showed the above haiku and a picture of Dr. Herman Van Rompuy, snapped with Satoshi Kinoshita. Dr. Van Rompuy is the former EU President: now acting, among other things, as the Japan-EU haiku friendship ambassador.




clear sky

breeze of green-leaves



a freight car of railroad ruin

summer grass fields






the ash pond

moaning sound of wind

the Holocaust



It was fine weather when I visited Auschwitz. The fine weather symbolized peaceful Poland of Today. However, strong winds blew from time to time, sounding like groans of victims of Nazis.





bird view of the acient city

cool, from the tower




summer sky_

the sound of the trumpet:

a time signal of the church



the birth house of Chopin_

refurbished and bright,

breezes of green-leaves



piano music from

the Chopin birth home_

the cool garden



the summer evening

in a Polish church

the ancient organ reverberates



It was very lucky that I had an opportunity to listen to the 400 years old pipe organ at a concert held in the church of Kazimierz Dolny.


stepping out from the concert hall,

the park  

in a white night



In the birth house of Chopin, a prize winner of Chopin Piano Competition performed Chopin's polonaise, etc.



At the music festival, besides pianists from Italy, etc., from Japan, Mr. Shu Katayama(片山 柊)played "Etudes For Piano - III. Calligraphy, Haiku, 1 Line" (Toshio Hosoawa) etc., which was an amusing piano music. 


Mr. Katayama won the 41st PTNA piano competition Grand Prix, as well as a Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology prize, etc.)


I hope that international exchange of haiku will be promoted more in the future like music. Somehow, I felt it wondrous to have encountered with people and music through haiku.