HAIKU of Chunu by L. P. Lovee (WEB)


"L. P. Lovee", which is coined from "Let's practice LOVE everyone", is the pen name of Satoshi Kinoshita.



 my dog suffered from

 dislocation of a hip joint_

 a hot autumn day 










 recovered from pancreatitis

 the beloved dog runs_

 the garden of early autumn   



 dog and me

 frantically chase the blown-off hat

 on a pre-typhoon walk



 petals of Japanese bush clover

 on the white back of

 the running Samoyed



 how cute my Samoyed!

 the whole face

 with weed-seeds clinging



 a hearty appetite_

 my dog devours

 fallen ginkgoes



 the dog bites and eats

 a quince ball

 at every my kicking



 the path covered with fallen leaves_

 the dog and me

 delightfully treading on



 a red leave falls

 and tickles

 an ear of the sleeping dog


まっしぐら  犬の目指すや  熟柿落つ

  a ripe persimmon fell,

  my dog dashed

  for it