Let's practice ultimate "LOVE"! (WEB)



  (The picture shows lovely Chunu.)

(This is a message from the master of Chunu.)        


In this blog, the letters constituting the word "LOVE" represent the following 24 words for making your life happy.

Let's practice ultimate "LOVE"! To practice "LOVE" is to find the essence of love to enjoy your life.  

L stands for: Love, Learn, Liberty, LegalityLaugh, and Life.

O stands for: Optimism, Originality, Objective, Obligation, Opportunity, and Organization.

V stands for: Vitality, Vision, Venture, Value, Volunteer, and Viewpoint.

E stands for: Effort, Enjoy, Ethic, Equity, Endurance, and Everyone.



Generally, love exists between parent and child, man and woman, husband and wife, etc. Love is expected to exist not only between people, but also between you and whatever you may believe in as God. However, here in "Ultimate LOVE", "God" is supposed to be the system for the existence of nature in the great space itself. It is desirable for world peace that, instead of such God as is conventionally assumed, you respect and believe in such God as defined herein.

It is a sincere wish of Chunu's master that your love for yourself lead to a love for others, your town, your nation, the whole world, and finally to the Ultimate Love toward the God who presides the earth on which you were born to live your life.



You can learn from anyone and anything as a good or bad model. There are many things to learn from your parents, friends, teachers, books, newspapers, TV, Internet, etc. The fault of another would be a good teacher. It is also important to learn from your own failure or success.



The freedom of thought, speech, religion, etc. is guaranteed to all by the constitution as fundamental human rights. However, if you abuse the freedom, you might lose it. It is important to give consideration to the balance between right and duty or equity between an individual (yourself) and the whole (society or nation).



You may freely do anything as you like, provided that the act is right under laws and equity. Since laws are established for maintaining social order and protecting people, it would be unnecessary to give special consideration to legality in your ordinary life as far as you act according to your conscience. However, it is advisable to confirm whether it is lawful when you intend to do anything special.



Laugh and get fat. Fortune comes in by a merry gate.

It would be alright to cry whenever you cannot but do so. However, if you do not forget to keep a smile even under hardship, someday a good fortune would smile on you.



Everyone should be entitled to enjoy one's life. Therefore, everyone should have respect for such right of others.


・Organization and Each one

To enjoy a happy life, everyone should think and act,considering an appropriate balance between oneself and an organization to which one belongs. Somehow, you will be affected by your organization. Therefore,it may be advisable for you to propose to your boss or senior member whatever you think right, even if you might face difficulties. 



In such case, it is important for you to take various viewpoints into account: for the sake of yourself, your family, your company, your city, your nation, and the whole world, in terms of past, present and future. 



Joy and sorrow are today and tomorrow. There would be peaks and valleys in your life. Be optimistic. You would succeed somehow someday if you steadily make efforts. Do your best and leave the rest to Heaven. It is advisable to practice so-called plus-thinking or positive thinking.



Since no one is the same with you in the world, bring out the best in yourself. At the present age, diversities are to be appreciated. It would be an ideal if what are done by various individuals bring out a kind of positive harmony as the whole.



It is important to objectively evaluate your object as to how it can be attained. The higher your target, the more steadily your advancement should be made step by step. Rome was not built in a day. Don’t expect to quickly achieve a high objective.



It’s quite natural to help each other. The society is maintained according to the principle of give-and-take. It is essential to concede the right of others as well as to assert your own right, considering the balance of mutual relations.



Now or never. Everything has its time. It is important to act in a manner suitable to TPO (time, place, and occasion).



Without willingness and vitality, you cannot achieve any objective. It is essential to maintain mental and physical health to accomplish what you want to do. Overdone is worse than undone. Once in a while, you might have to exhaust yourself to complete what you are doing beyond your usual power. In daily life, however, you had better refrain from overworking.



According to Yukio Ozaki, who was looked up as "the champion of constitutional government", the stage of your life will always exist in the future. It is advisable that your act be done in consideration of world peace as well as your own happiness, always in perspective of the past, present, and future.

(As to Yukio Ozaki, click the following URL: http://www.ozakiyukio.jp/en.html)



It is important to think carefully before taking your action. However, it is also important to venture to do what you might consider as too difficult. Your success will depend on your fortune as well as your ability and efforts. It would be advisable to act resolutely after thinking of both the best case where everything goes well and the worst case where the fortune is against you.



People have their respective sense of values, which may be different from each other. It is advisable to establish your objective according to your desire after paying due respect to the wishes of your parents.



Whenever you voluntarily carry out what you want to do, any hardship would become a pleasant one rather than unbearable one. It should be appreciated that there are many young people who are engaged in volunteer activities. It would be great if what you have volunteered to your own benefit results in benefitting others.



Your genius would not come into full bloom without your efforts. By any chance your gifted talent might be less than that of others, but you can develop it into full bloom by efforts. Make effort to develop your gift, since God only knows the extent of your talent.



If you try various ways for doing anything, an effort will become a pleasure rather than a difficulty. The pleasure will enable you to continue to make efforts. You can enjoy results of your efforts sooner or later.



In the present-day society which relies on highly advanced and specialized technologies, it is essential that all people, particularly specialists and leaders, conduct themselves with ethics. It is regrettable that there are not a few people who ruin not only themselves but also the welfare of other people by unethical conduct.



Fortune waits on honest toil and earnest endeavor. To make the best use of your talent and effort, it is desirable to consider your aim in terms of equity. Your fair behavior will make youself bright and happy. The happy feeling will surely bring you good fortune.



In the rich modern society, there are too many goods and attractions that interest young. It would be difficult for children and teens to endure without making use of them.

For example, the development of IT and SNS has brought demerits as well as merits. One of the demerits is that children and teens tend to excessively engage in communications and social games through SNS.

Thus, it is also important to teach them endurance. Consider the following proverbs: “What is learned in the cradle is carried to the grave."; “Out of temper, out of money.”