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2016年6月25日 (土)

HAIKU of my spokes-dog "Chunu"




(Year-end・New Year, Winter)



    shampooing of my dog

           comes first in my preparation

                 for New Year



  the New Year’s sun rises,

      shining on the pure white

            of my Samoyed dog



  another dog-fool 

          me too,

                New Year's days



   the first play of New Year_

        the dog following

             the plane of a grandchild



    New Year porridge

          a bowl to the dog

                as a family member



    the table pot oyster meal_

          the neglected dog

                looking away in the sulks



    the icy bowl

       licked by my dog_  

                   the season’s first ice



     excrements of our dog

          used as fertilizer_

               gardening of midwinter



    the sunshine snow-flakes_

         the dog in sound slumber

              listening to a sonata



     the blowing snow_

                the Samoyed dog

               longing for native home









    the Samoyed dog  

    tirelessly devours     

    the snow in the shade



   the springlike weather_

  a walk with my dog

  the hill overlooking the town



  a leaf-budding clear day_

  I tended my garden plants

  with my dog lying beside me



  warm clear day after cold one_

  my beloved dog lies supine

  with legs wide spread



  serene weather!

  a dog howling in the distance

  a crow is cawing



  licked by the beloved dog,

  a child grins with joy_

  the bright spring day



  the first butterfly of the year_

  the sprawling dog

  chases with eyes only



  tiny flowers of weeds

  looking like scrota of a dog_

  the bank favored by the dog



  Samoyed dog leisurely strides_

  buoyant wagging of the tail

  like the springtime




  the dog lying supine

  the spling-like weather





(Pictures of Chunu)   




 dangling the long tongue

  my beloved dog_ 

  the early summer evening heat



 too soon the hot weather_


  my beloved dog has collapsed



 my dog willing to walk_

 in spite of windy rain

  before the rainy season



 bines of balsam pear

 grow fast

 for sunshade of a doghouse.



 the dog pants

 a spell of hot weather

 in power-saving days



 a distant thunder

 the sleeping dog

  twitches the ears



 a thunderbolt close at hand

 the dog 

  furiously barks






 my dog suffers from

 dislocation of a hip joint_

 the hot autumn day   



 recovered from pancreatitis

 the beloved dog runs

 the garden of early autumn   



 dog and me

 frantically chase the blown-off hat

 on a pre-typhoon walk



 petals of Japanese bush clover

 on the white back of

 the running Samoyed



 how cute my Samoyed!

 the whole face

 with weed-seeds clinging



 a hearty appetite_

 my dog devours

 fallen ginkgoes



 the dog bites and eats

 a quince ball

 at every my kicking



 the path covered with fallen leaves

 the dog and me

 delightfully treading on



 a red leave falls

 and tickles

 an ear of the sleeping dog



  a ripe persimmon falls,

  my dog dashes

  for it





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Samoyed dog leisurely strides_

buoyant wagging of the tail

like the springtime

My Samoyed strides,

buoyantly wagging his tail

just like the springtime